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Invitations and gifts - who is prone to corruption? How you can recognize corruption and effectively prevent it.

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Course Duration30 Min 
DeviceDesktop, Tablet, Smartphone 
You learn:
  • How Compliance can effectively prevent corruption
  • The right way to handle gifts
  • Countries in which corruption poses a particular risk
  • Corruption risks in purchasing and sales
  • What are the liability risks?
  • More info

Prevent corruption in your company

Corruption always occurs when employees of companies want to enrich themselves, or when companies hope to be favoured in orders or to settle fraudulent sham payments. These cases of fraud are usually only possible through the bribery of decision-makers. It starts with "feeding" through gifts. The correct handling of gifts is therefore an important component of any anti-corruption compliance.

Purchasing departments and sales departments are therefore particularly at risk. The awarding of public contracts, especially in the construction and real estate sectors, is also regularly affected. Corruption is also an issue when it comes to official approvals. Here, too, individual companies use bribery to gain economic advantages.

The number of uncovered cases of corruption is constantly increasing and leads to more and more court rulings with fines, liability of the company and compensation payments. Without sufficient anti-corruption compliance, the risks for companies of becoming liable increase rapidly. Even the smallest companies can be involved in corruption.

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Erfahren Sie, welche Regelungen die Exportkontrolle beinhaltet
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Anhand von Fallbeispielen können sich die Beschäftigten in Entscheidungssituationen hineinversetzen.
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Lernen Sie über die Haftungsrisiken und die Verantwortung im Rahmen der Exportkontrolle

Sven Leidel, Autor für ReisesicherheitSven Leidel, Autor für ReisesicherheitSven Leidel, Autor für ReisesicherheitSven Leidel, Autor für ReisesicherheitSven Leidel, Autor für ReisesicherheitSven Leidel, Autor für Reisesicherheit

Sven Leidel, Autor für Reisesicherheit